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MsLolo @ K11 Musea

MsLolo Album launch snippets

Originally from South Africa, Mslolo has made a name for herself as a seasoned performer with a different approach to Afrobeat. The musical sound has an original beat and combination of West African musical styles such as fuji music and American jazz,as well as chanted vocals. In 2017, she launched her solo career and has since been recognised as one of Hong Kong’s top entertainers,demonstrating a dazzling display of high energy performances.Mslolo is not only a local singer, but has entertained crowds in South Africa,Macau and China. She is well known in some of our local scenes such as The Luxe Manor,Iron Fairies, Crown Deluxe,Buenos Polo Club to name a few.Mslolo who’s full name is Londiwe Ngubeni arrived in Hong Kong in 2008 when she was casted for the Lion King Musical at the Hong Kong Disneyland where she played the role of storyteller ’Rafiki’for a period of 8 years,starting in 2008 till 2016. She has graced the music industry with her vocal talents and ready to make a name for herself as a South African recording artist.

Secret Location with MsLolo

MSLOLO ALBUM LAUNCH! Click on link to get your ticket!

The Excelsior night

About MsLolo. MsLolo is a South African Singer based in Hong Kong who is one of the 1st female Afrobeat singers to pioneer this African genre in Asia. Her music oscillates around the African sound,while her vocal capabilities bring a completely fresh feel to the game. Her musicianship is encapsulated in her music that is filled with layered harmonies. Instagram @mslolo.n

MsLolo Live at ACT

MsLolo Live at PMQ

Secret Location 2nd Edition